Now in the Digital Generation, the latest technology smartphone are the must and most of the smartphones as an Android Operating system and there may be errors or some bugs which make your system slow and you want to root your Android Phone or Android Tablet. Rooting of Android Phone with PC is available, but here you will learn about Root Android Phone Apps and get a list of Best Apps to Root Android Phones without PC. Before we dive into Rooting the Android mobile, make sure you have all the prerequisites like Internet connection (Wifi preferred), Mobile Charged (or a Charger ) to keep mobile alive during the rooting process and a Backup of your Mobile so that we can start root android phone without PC.


How to Root Android Phone without PC

So root android tablet without PC is the method where you need to choose the best Rooting apps. We can also root the Android mobiles with PC. But by now you will have the doubt what is Rooting or Root

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What is Rooting or Root Android Phones:

Rooting is simply to ” Get Root Access to Operating system and debug or overcome the errors ” in the system. So here Android Root is simply to get the full access to Android OS of your mobile and-and then debug. So Android Rooting without PC or Computer can be achieved without by few Apps and we will Discuss the Apps to Root Android Phones, Tablets. By rooting andriod device then imgae editing tools are working very well.


Top Android Apps to Root Android Phone without PC

Here is the List of the Android Apps which can help you to Root Android Device in few minutes (root without PC)

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  • Baidu Root
  • Universal Androot
  • Towel Root
  • Root master one click root
  • root
  • King root
  • Kingoapp
  • CF Auto Root
  • Easy Rooting Toolkit
  • Vroot
  • BusyBox

The Rooting App from the Baidu, this Root app is one of the top rooting Apps and it can help you to root the device without any problem

  • Download the App and Install the Baidu Root
  • So to Download, get APK file from the Google
  • Install and Start the Rooting Process

The Rooting Process is automatic and After that, you can use the Android Phone.


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