The intercom is a fundamental and often overlooked, a good surveillance system and comprehensive security within the home, which is a building or, even more, independent house, not forgetting the main function of the intercom, that makes it so convenient and practical to open security doors outside the home, simply by pressing a button from your apartment.




The latest generation of intercoms, video door phones increasingly offer a wide range of options to choose from, always with one goal: safety, of course, tied to the convenience and ease of use. From surveillance cameras, intercom systems in the same building, the control of outside lights, etc.. In this article an overview of the possibilities from which you can choose from. If you want to know details information about different types of electronic devices you can go through RFID reader.

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To figure out which model can do for us, whether it be a house or a condo, you have to consider and evaluate a number of factors. Meanwhile, we assume that if you have a little more substantial budget available is always better to install a digital system, preferably a cordless, with a video camera and image recording function, especially if you live in a house in somewhere a bit more isolated.


If you cannot buy a digital system, however, pay attention to additional features that can be handy for our needs.

Meanwhile, if there is a concierge in the building, it is good that the system links all the apartments and locations inside the gatehouse itself. If the reception is not present, the intercom system with other apartments of the building is the best solution.

For convenience, we try and do properly install a model with a button to control the lighting, the stairs and outside. Finally, if we have a big house, choose a model with multiple units in order to respond to the intercom in other rooms of the house. Ex. you can call your servent to clean up your room by just pucking up intercom.

Place Where You Can Use Intercom:

  1. office
  2. Hotel
  3. Restaurant
  4. School / College
  5. Bank
  6. Multiple Branches Office
  7. Apartment / Home
  8. Working Project
  9. etc.

Place Where You Can’t Use Intercom:

  1. Mosque
  2. Church
  3. Religion Place
  4. Bus Stand
  5. Railway Station
  6. ettc

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